“The L.A. punk band adheres to the brash, short and dirty side of the genre, and is known for its particularly incendiary live sets.”- The Los Angeles Times

“It’s so hard these days to find a good rock band that isn’t embarrassingly stupid. Barrio Tiger comes closer than most, with anthemic choruses and a driving sound that alternates between a tuneful Ramones drone and AC/DC’s stop-and-start thunder.” – LA Weekly

“They’re definitely vibing on the usual New York via Detroit influences, but what could easily fall into the same ol’ same ol’ rut gets a solid kick in the ass courtesy of some rock solid songwriting, diversity, and drawing from influences outside the bubble.” – Razorcake Magazine

“Ave Maria is a throat punch after another, a red-eyed bloodied knuckled ode to Detroit 68’, New York 77’ and just self destructing rock n’ roll in general.” – Team Rock

“If John Sinclair was alive, Los Angeles based and still in music, chances are he’d get behind these guys only leaving the politics out of it this time.” – New Noise Magazine